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FMA, Journey's End [June 18, '10 | 01:37 ]
[ mood | peaceful ]

The end...[spoiler inclusive]Collapse )

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So, I'm actually not dead... [June 01, '10 | 05:10 ]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I just haven't used lj for a bit... less than a year which was a surprising discovery. I definitely thought it was over a year now. Obviously I had given up on lj a bit but every so often coming back here to reminisce the past tends to be a lot easier when I actually document the past. So, I'm going to attempt to update this thing more often for the sake of future me.

♥ Fullmetal Alchemist - one more leftCollapse )

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oblig. [July 13, '09 | 12:28 ]
[ mood | dorky ]


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新テニスの王子様!?! [March 09, '09 | 14:23 ]
[ mood | ditzy ]

So while I'm sure the rest of the world knew about this, I'm not always on top of what the world knows. And a NEW TENNIS NO OUJISAMA series would've been nice to know about...

So, I read the chapter. It was cracky (as per usual) and they're still in middle school. Is it sad I got flutters in my stomach from reading it (especially at the end)? Ahhh nostalgia...

...Still need to watch 1 Litre of Tears and everything else in the world but I did watch Taken with my family. I offer advice, don't watch Taken with your family. Paranoia just sets in and... yea. Don't do it.

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More Randomness~! [March 05, '09 | 02:46 ]
[ mood | chipper ]

So my roommate and I have been listening to old songs from our youth. I pick one and then she picked one and we just continued in this pattern. While I've been giddy, I've also been equally feeling old... But here's the list!

"Say My Name" - Destiny's Child
"Kryptonite" - 3 Doors Down
"Be With You" - Enrique Iglesias
"Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)" - 98 Degrees
"Scrubs" - TLC
"All or Nothing" - O-Town
"Everywhere" - Michelle Branch
"A Thousand Miles" - Vanessa Carlton
"Bring Me to Life" - Evanescence
"Perfect Day" - Hoku
"Come On Over" - Christina Aguilera
"I Hope You Dance" - Lee Ann Womack
"Crazy For This Girl" - Evan and Jaron
"Mmmbop" - Hanson
"It Happens Everytime" - Dream Street
"Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely" - Backstreet Boys
"Dream Come True" - S Club 7

Not in any particular order & my roommate and I both totally picked 98 Degrees at the same time. Freaky. So anyone remember listening to these in their youth?

...Off to do research paper proposal worth 20% of my grade /o/

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Back to College [August 31, '08 | 23:29 ]
[ mood | crazy ]

My room... is so freaking huge XD I'm in love. I have a roommate I like, two windows in my room, lots of floor space and internet access from both my desk and my bed. The world is magical again! (Except the bathroom. They're not as nice looking.) Just missing the nice TV. Couldn't fit it in the car so I'm bringing that later~

OH! Story time! Happy, the puppy, is the youngest family member. So naturally, he came as well to drop me off at college. However, in the midst of unpacking, there was no jingling of a collar. My room is huge... but not that huge. Looked under beds, in the closet, nooks and crannies galore, no puppy. At this point, I'm about to hyperventilate (or I actually am hyperventilating. Sometimes it's hard to tell) Someone walks by, asking if i were looking for a dog (which I was) and claimed to have seen him not too long ago. And then people on an upper floor were like "are you looking for a dog?" and THERE was my mischievous little puppy. They apparently left a really "interesting" voicemail message on our home phone. So puppy was found!

In other news, I'm not looking forward to the actual classes >>;; Organic chemistry, Physics, Physics Lab, Honors Colloquium, Statistics for Psychology, Intermediate Japanese (the only exception), & Science Medicine and Society writing class. 20 credits. Wish me luck 8D;;

May retire soon. Exhausted from the packing and the unpacking.

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Equus in NYC!! [August 05, '08 | 17:00 ]
[ mood | excited ]

So... nekkid Daniel Radcliffe coming to NYC.

And yes, I just found out now... but um, please tell me someone else is excited about this? 8D

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Birthdays All Around!!! [April 01, '08 | 15:22 ]
[ mood | happy ]

Happy Birthday to the following... Sakura Kinomoto (CCS), Sakura (TRC), Clone!Syaoran (TRC), Watanuki Kimihiro (xxxHolic), Fred & George Weasley (HP)

On a side note, Happy Fake Birthday to Sakurazuka Seishirou (TB & X/1999)

And yes, CLAMP characters dominate this list

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...Um what? [March 17, '08 | 20:37 ]
[ mood | confused ]

Dragonball (2009)

Yea... that's a link to the imdb page for the Dragonball live action movie produced in the United States. I can't help but feel that there's a reason why the Japanese have not even made their own live action tv series (like with Sailor Moon and I totally didn't watch half of the 50 episodes... nope)

What scares me the most about this though is the random group of actors and actresses. Emmy Rossum (Christine in The Phantom of the Opera) as Bulma? o.O And James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) as PICCOLO?!?!? I just... gah

So I'm scared... but I will probably end up watching this.

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Daniel Radcliffe, Not Just Harry Potter Indeed... [February 29, '08 | 22:10 ]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

This video... is amazing

And yes, you'll be seeing me a lot more on LJ 8D

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LJ Meme! [January 31, '08 | 01:05 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Wow I haven't done one of these in forever... actually though I think I got this at one point or another. Can't hurt though. Tada! Stolen from cbsc1014

Leave a comment and I'll...
1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, a word etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your LJ.

Oh and TRC181 WTF? @~@

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Birthdays all around! [January 29, '08 | 16:04 ]
[ mood | chipper ]

Happy Birthday cbsc1014 today! Happy 19th :D ♥

Speaking of "Happy" 8D;; It's my puppy's 3rd month alive! Though he wasn't living with the family for most of his life thus far, here's to hoping that the rest of his life with us will be great :D (I'm probably going to do this every month for him too XD)

& last but not least

Happy Birthday pas_du_deux for tomorrow's January 30th ;D Happy 19th to you too~ ♥

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Almost There... [December 16, '07 | 12:45 ]
[ mood | blah ]

One more week and first semester is OVER!!! *rejoices*
As much as I love some of the people here, I'm missing the interaction I get with my family at home sooo much D: I hope that I'm sick of them by the time I have to go to college again.

Not much has been happening with me recently. I hear of the continual fencing drama back at hs though I'm not entirely up to date, I'm becoming a complete and total recluse but that's expected given my love of my laptop and um... yea. I have yet to go Christmas shopping and chances are there will be many a late Christmas gifts... must plan this better next yearrrr

I need to be cured of lethargy...

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FMA 76 [October 12, '07 | 01:02 ]
[ mood | gloomy ]


Arakawa-sensei... how could you... omg. I have to wait another month... OH GOD >

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My Preciousssss [August 11, '07 | 21:20 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

...I own a laptop now. YAY! *bounces around*

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BBC Extras [July 30, '07 | 17:27 ]
[ mood | giggly ]

The following videos are absolutely amazing. Watch them. I command you.

In which Orlando Bloom thinks highly of his attractiveness → Orlando Bloom in ExtrasCollapse )

In which Daniel Radcliffe tries to pick up an older woman → Daniel Radcliffe in ExtrasCollapse )

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Harry Potter Hype [July 19, '07 | 12:02 ]
[ mood | anxious ]

There's just something about this month that makes me twitch with anticipation for the new & final Harry Potter book. The added publicity with the movie and the stupid book company sending out the Harry Potter books early and whatnot are really taking a toll on my self restraint and sanity. It doesn't help that I reread both the 5th & 6th book last week, waiting slowly and impatiently for July 21st to roll around. Even then, I don't know if I will finish the entire novel before I have to do things on Saturday.

My game plan is as follows:
Friday July 20th
Go to work
Sleep @ Home
Go to B&N or Borders
Wait on really long line
Saturday July 21st
Get book
Take Nap (?)
Go get meningitis shot

Anyone else have a similar plan?

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One more day... [July 16, '07 | 13:02 ]
[ mood | excited ]

Until my 18th birthday >D I'll be legal. I hear of kidnapping schemes with me as the kidnapee. Of course I don't know anymore details because like I said, I'm the kidnapee. This should prove to be an interesting birthday~

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Travesty is too weak of a word [June 26, '07 | 01:46 ]
[ mood | depressed ]

Follow this link for an article by bookshop. Read what humankind has done... and what it hasn't.

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An end to the previous chapter... [June 25, '07 | 22:37 ]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

So, this will be a pretty long entry. You have been warned.

Graduation was this past Friday. All in all, we were actually a very well behaved group. There were no beach balls bounced up like there were at my friend's graduation (where I went on Thursday) and certainly not enough air horns sounds either. Though we did have a kid in a chicken suit, feathers and all, run through the crowd as soon as graduation was over XD That was indeed amusing. Of course we don't just receive our diploma on stage; we have to walk up the hill, back into the building

Note to all: Graduation is extremely lucrative.

Came home. Played with relatives. Ran out for Project Graduation and felt really guilty about leaving a home full of people when they all came to see my graduation :D;; But alas, toilet bowl racing could not be procrastinated! Neither could the big obstacle course or the DDR XD They had this thing where they would photoshop your face onto an image, cartoon drawings of people, a pool, a hypnotist, DDR, toilet bowl racing, obstacle course, music video creating, massaging area and lots and lots of food 8D Except the catch is your locked in a building from 9:30 PM to 5:30 PM with your entire graduating class (at least the bit that shows up). So drove home exhausted and rolled into bed.

So there ends the tale of high school. Now, off to college. But before that, summer work. 40 hour work week... goodie.

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REPRIEVE‼ [May 15, '07 | 23:43 ]
[ mood | accomplished ]


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[April 18, '07 | 06:35 ]
[ mood | anxious ]

// Internet Hiatus //

It's that time of year again! AP testing is around the corner and I need to study... desperately. So Hiatus until May 15th - the date of the final AP exam, Psychology.

Like the horrible studier I am, I will be online on the weekends and of course for an hour on Wednesday ;3 Talk to you then!

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Flooding = ♥ [April 15, '07 | 23:37 ]
[ mood | jubilant ]


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:DDDD [April 07, '07 | 05:12 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

It is roughly 5:00 AM in the morning and I have been doing nothing but downloading all of the Code Geass episodes. I have every episode, down to the n.5 episodes and the picture books. I... am now going to take a short nap before more CODE GEASS >D

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Sleep Deprivation... Gone [April 06, '07 | 10:39 ]
[ mood | surprised ]

After getting only 4 hours of sleep on both Tuesday and Wednesday night... I started to take a nap at 5:30 PM yesterday... only to wake up at 10:30 ish now. Um... hehe... wow :X

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HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY & [April 01, '07 | 10:45 ]
[ mood | jubilant ]


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Reading Old Xanga Entries... [March 27, '07 | 21:25 ]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

There is nothing more amusing than reading your own writing back when you were younger, inexperienced and thought that "u", "luv", "wuz", "anywayz", excessive use of "like", "mai" and other were all very "kewl" things to say. The horror. But I did uncover something of interest :D

Read more...Collapse )

Also, I wrote this entry back on October 21, 2004 and for the most part, the idea of friendship for me has not changed. So here:

Friendship...Collapse )

Also, I was a complete and utter Everwood/Cardcaptor Sakura dork when I started xanga XD Twas quite sad but amusing to read. I relived some of my most interesting moments through xanga including the time that I had entered my locked room through a window with a ladder as well as spazzing about getting the Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card movie (twice). July 13th, 2004 was one of the happiest days of my life as well as June 20th, 2005 :D It's nice to remember the good old days.

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[March 22, '07 | 21:40 ]
[ mood | curious ]

I hate Calc AP Sheets with a burning passion... not burning but I don't like them, at all. *insert grumbling noises here* My brain is overflowing and combusting with Calculus. It's a strange land, that Calculus. And I have no idea why I'm capitalizing Calculus... but I am.

Yea, I think, that I can get high off hunger. Strange concept yes, but true. There are witnesses. Veryyy interesting :D;; It's like I'm not completely conscious but I can kind of realize my lack of consciousness meaning that I have to be somewhat conscious? o.O

Tsubasa chapitre 147 just makes me crave chapitre 148. CLAMP is plotting and plotting some more. I ♥ CLAMP.

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Renaissance! [March 01, '07 | 20:32 ]
The rebirth of my LJ after my random hiatus... yes I be a strange child.

I'm still reading my Tsubasa, catching up on my absolutely gorgeous Godchild *Q* Kaori Yuki = ♥

College things are slowly piecing together... slowly

I did not mention here that I went to the wonderful country of Germany last week! :D Twas very much fun!

German Trip FunCollapse )

So that was my week. Quite eventful, I'm sure no one actually took the time to read all of that XD

This week, my major accomplishments include my 1:10 AM - 6:20 AM Tuesday Psychology Paper due on Tuesday which stretched about 4 1/2 pages. I took naps ahead of time so I did rest XD I had a college interview today which I think went very well :DDD I couldn't stop smiling after my interview X3

So that's what's been up with me... :D
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Meme from illeistic [January 18, '07 | 21:06 ]
[ mood | calm ]

Leave a comment here and I'll:

1. Tell you why I friended you
2. Associate you from a movie/song
3. Tell a random fact about you
4. Tell a first memory about you
5. Associate a animal/fruit with you
6. Ask something I have always wanted to know about you
7. In response, you MUST spread this disease on LJ.

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